Welcome to the CONNECT Teaching Materials website.  These teaching materials were created in collaboration with twenty K-12 educators and feature a wealth of information and ideas. 

CONNECT Teaching Materials provide teachers:

  • Accurate information about works of art in the Dallas Museum of Art’s collection and select temporary exhibitions.
  • Choices and levels of information for accessing and experiencing works of art
  • Multiple perspectives on works of art through audio and video clips featuring curators, artists, and other content experts.
  • Teaching ideas that encourage close looking, dialogue among students, and personal connections with works of art.
  • Teaching ideas that emphasize multiple learning styles and connections across disciplines.
  • Support for teaching cultural literacy.
  • Extensions for learning through bibliography and website links.


The CONNECT Project 

The CONNECT Teaching Materials are the product of a grant project called CONNECT: Teachers, Technology, and Art.  Funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the CONNECT project focused on improving the Dallas Museum of Art’s web-based teaching resources through collaborative work with twenty K-12 educators.   

The two-year project (2009-2011) culminated in the creation of this website, as well as a new DMA model for creating and presenting teaching materials.  The design of user-friendly, content-rich, multimedia teaching materials presented on this website was an important aspect of the project.  Equally important were technology and infrastructure, including the development of a streamlined approach to the institutional process of creating new teaching materials.  The new materials launched in October 2011 with an emphasis on African and Asian artworks in the DMA’s collection, but will grow to include American and European artworks.   

DMA Project Staff: Ashley Bruckbauer, Dr. Anne Bromberg, Sharisse Butler, Gail Davitt, Natalia Daniels, Mandy Engleman, Sarah Evans, Ted Forbes, Jessica Heimberg, Tom Jungerberg, Molly Kysar, Mary Leonard, Jenny Marvel, Bret Slater, Neil Sreenan, Jenny Stone, Nicole Stutzman, and Dr. Roslyn Walker, 

K-12 Educators: Michelle Alcala, Kasey Beultel, Estelle Fonteneau, Warren Frerichs, Rodney Gilbert, Tricia Higson, Erin Jewell, Natasha Johnson, Karen Karinja, Sonia Krusleski, Carol Lammers, Juliette McCullough, Heather Pereira, Briana Perez, Troy Power, Ron Michael Powers, Carolyn Reitz, Allison Smith, Michelle Wilson, and Monica Winters 

Consultants: Greg Reddin and Karen Self 


Contact Us:
For more information about the CONNECT Teaching Materials Project or other programming for K-12 audiences, please contact teacherprograms@DallasMuseumofArt.org